One-On-One Library Download & Streaming Services

You can request a free, 45-minute one-on-one help session to go over the library's download and/or streaming services with a librarian. We may not be able to accommodate all requests for this service. Patrons will be contacted to set up a mutually agreeable time, subject to room availability, equipment and staffing.

  1. When filling out the form below, please be as specific as possible when describing what you need help with so staff can prepare for your session.
  2. You will be contacted by one of our librarians, typically within 7 business week days, to set up a date and time to meet.
  3. Your 45-minute session usually will be in Study Room A, located on the library's upper level.


Please list all laptops, tablets, or phones you will bring, including specific operating systems and models (for example, Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite, not just "Kindle"). Please note: NOOKs of all varieties do not work with Overdrive.
* We no longer can offer support for Overdrive users who are still on the Media Console or are using Adobe Digital Editions on an eReader device. If your device is compatible with Overdrive's Libby app we can try to assist you. For more information for the services listed above, go to
If any time or day works for you, you can skip picking anything in the Time and Day areas.
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