2018 Fox Cities Book Festival

The 2018 Fox Cities Book Festival kicks off Monday, October 8 with events all over the community. This year's festival offers over 60 events and 50 authors from all genres. We are excited to host eight events this year. See our full schedule below:

Amanda Lauer - The Fox Cities Meets Hollywood
Monday, October 8 | 10:30 am 
Appleton author Amanda Lauer presents her Heaven Intended series and how her first novel garnered a movie contract and what it takes to bring a book to the big screen.

Patricia McConnell - The Education of Will
Monday, October 8 | 4:00 pm 
Join Patricia McConnell as she talks about her newest book, The Education of Will. 

Joseph Heywood - Deluged by Foxes: Thoughts From an Aging Scribbler 
Monday, October 8 | 6:30 pm 
Listen to Joseph Heywood's involvement with foxes (four-legged) and the New York book world, with thoughts from an “oldening” scribbler on the writing game and retirement.

Michael Hittle - Can There Be a Biography of a Lake? 
Tuesday, October 9 | 4:00 pm 
Join Michael Hittle for a presentation of his book, An Accidental Jewel, and establish some criteria for a good biography.

Tasha Schuh - Enjoy Your Ride 
Tuesday, October 9 | 6:30 pm 
Tasha Schuh will share the three things that have helped her enjoy her ride and can, in turn, help you enjoy your ride even more.

Catherine Kautsky - Debussy's Paris 
Wednesday, October 10 | 10:00 am 
Politics, art, literature, not to mention racism, orientalism, and nationalism – a potent mix in fin-de siècle Paris. Come hear from Catherine Kautsky on how Claude Debussy, who died precisely 100 years ago, combined them all in music.

L.R. Strasburg - YA Author Workshop
Friday, October 12 | 10:30 am 
L.R. Strasburg will moderate a discussion/workshop on being a YA Author. Topics like rewriting your book, balancing home, work and writing, finding a publisher, finding an editor, finding your voice, and a successful book launch will be discussed at this roundtable.

Carlos Nieto III - Latino-Style Watercolor Selfies
Saturday, October 13 | 1:00 pm 
Learn to draw and paint your own portrait in the style of famous Latino artists like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso from artist Carlos Nieto III!