Available to every resident of the state of Wisconsin, Pressbooks is an easy-to-use online software that allows users to create, edit, format/design and generate professional-quality print-ready files and eBook files for your book — no matter how far along it may be. Libraries and their patrons use this tool for newsletters, poetry, novels and more in digital and print ready formats.

Indie Author Project (IAP) -- formerly SELF-e

If you choose to use the PUBLISH tool in Pressbooks, you will see the option to submit to Indie Author Project (it may still say SELF-e); this sends your publication to Library Journal for consideration. IAP collections include Fiction and YA selections from Library Journal, as well as curated eBooks from other partners such as Publishers Weekly, Black Caucus of the ALA, and regional library editorial boards around North America working within the IAP Contest network.

Indie Wisconsin

The Indie Wisconsin site allows users to discover and read self-published eBooks by local authors.

For Pressbooks users: Books submitted to Indie Author Project which pass the basic review standards will be made available on the Indie Wisconsin page at and be available to anyone in the state using the website or the Biblioboard app. Books in the Indie Wisconsin collection that have been favorably judged by Library Journal receive a "Highlight" designation.

WI Author Project

The WI Author Project is an annual contest that aims to help WI authors expose their work, through their local library, to a broader audience. Submit your work in April via Indie Author Project. Participants have the opportunity to win a little money and acclaim for their work. Learn more at and The WI Author Project.

The video below was made for library staff to have an introduction to Pressbooks, Biblioboard (host of Indie Wisconsin), and WPLC's partnership that makes this tool available to WI residents. The video is longer than most that are posted for the public since it was created as a training tool; we include it here for those interested in the details.

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