Why is there a limit of only 15 items on hold?

Library staff have worked hard to keep up with the demands for materials, but the online catalog has made placing holds so easy and popular that the workload is getting beyond us. Although total staff is decreasing, the number of items reserved has gone up 160% in the last six years.

Many people reserve things even though at that very moment they are on the shelf at Appleton. Those requests join thousands of others. The following day we receive a notice and need to retrieve the materials (see the next paragraph on set-asides for a better way). Pulling thousands of items off the shelf is a great service but very labor intensive. In order to keep going, we had to create stricter limits.


Set-Asides - If you notice that an item is available at Appleton Public Library, rather than placing a hold please call us for a set-aside: we will go to the shelf immediately to check for the item which will then be set-aside for you on the hold shelf for a total of 7 days.

  • If you need a non-fiction book, please call the Reference Desk (920-832-6173).
  • For fiction, large print, videos, cds, magazines, or items in the Teen collection, please call the Information Desk (920-832-6177).
  • For Children's items, please call the Children's Desk (920-832-6187).